Board Meeting Management

Board Management System

ProCS Solution – Board management platform is an easy to use & secure Board Portal that empowers your Board Members & Administrators.
The application is intuitive & has been designed after years of understanding the actual Board & Administrator requirements & practices.
Add Power To Your Board – Board Meeting Management Software

In large organizations with multiple hierarchies, board meetings are convened regularly to chart out new business plans and evolve business strategies. To ensure organizational growth, it is necessary that every layer of the hierarchy is informed of strategic decisions and implementations.

ProCS Board Meeting Management solution based on Business Process Management and Enterprise Content Management seeks to address this need. It automates board meetings to make record keeping, document management and ensure compliance with changing regulatory and legal environments.

proCS Board Portal provides very innovative paperless technology that automates and streamline your board and committee meeting processes and makes your meetings more efficient and cost effective. It makes the entire Meeting Management processes easier for your Secretarial team & Board of Directors.

Designed as per Indian Secretarial Requirements, the system allows Secretarial Users to create and share the Agenda on digital platforms with Directors who can access it online or offline on any device with the option to chat and share feedback. Secretariat teams can also maintain Searchable Draft & Final MOM Libraries, Seek Circular Resolution Approvals and manage Action Taken Report observations directly from the application. The agenda is rendered in true pdf format to directors for unmatched user experience to the Directors.

Built with enterprise-grade security features, administrators and directors alike can be assured that confidential information is protected at all times. Various other factors like desirable customization, end to end security, ease of use and cost effective pricing have given our clients a better value proposition.

ProCS Solution – Board Administration Process
Board Book Creation
  • Agenda Items – Review Workflows
  • Item Wise or Bulk File Uploads
  • Upload Items directly from Word or PDF Files
  • Drag and Drop to change Item sequence
  • Restrict Item/Annexure access to selected Users
Board Book Distribution
  • Meeting Notice Alerts with Calendar Block
  • Director Access to Agenda on iOS, Android & Windows
  • Easy Annotations – Draw, Highlight, Comment & Share
  • Application Access in Online & Offline Modes
  • Books rendered in True PDF formats with external links
Minutes of Meeting
  • Easy Meeting Minutes Drafting Module
  • Pre-Defined Word templates for MOM
  • MOM Distribution for review and approval
  • MOM Comparisons in Word with Track Changes
  • Final MOM Distribution in PDF formats
ATR Follow Up’s
  • ATR Assignments from Final MOM Drafts
  • ATR – Target Date assignments
  • Email reminders and alerts for ATR Closure
  • Complete Activity Track with Audit Logs
  • Dedicated Dashboard for Reporting and MIS
Circular Resolutions
  • Upload Circular Resolution with Supporting Documents
  • Email & In – App : Alerts & Notifications
  • Voting on Circular Resolutions directly from Emails
  • Provision to disable Submission post Due Date of CR
  • Complete Voting Summary with patterns & insights
Board Evaluations
  • Pre-Defined templates for Multiple Board Evaluations
  • Multiple Choice Based Questionnaire with Sections
  • Completely Secure – Individual voting patterns
  • Email alerts to Admin on Closure
  • Download or Share Evaluation Summary Details

Features For Directors

  • Up-To-Date Meeting Materials
  • Cross Platform – iOS, Android or Windows
  • n-sync Notes & Annotations
  • Easily Share comments with members
  • Voting & Approvals
  • eSignatures
  • Unprecedented Security & Access Controls
  • Touch ID Login Security
  • Offline Access

Ease for Meeting Coordinators

  • Complete Item Review & Approval Workflows
  • Build Agenda using Drag & Drop Features
  • Bulk Upload Files or Create Agenda from PDF’s
  • Minutes Creation & Distribution for review
  • Board Evaluations with pre-defined questionnaire
  • RSVP & Attendance Tracker
  • Complete Meeting Libraries with free search
  • Circular Resolutions Voting
  • Compliance In Your Control

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